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The collective investment schemes mentioned on this website may not be offered or publicly distributed in or from Switzerland without authorisation granted from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). If some of these are approved, then this will be expressly specified. MFP SICAV p.l.c. markets the UCITS funds under its management on a cross-border basis in several European countries.
No investment decisions shall be made solely on the basis of the information provided on the Website. Investment in any of the funds referred to on the Website can only be made on the basis of the corresponding funds’ or sub-funds’, as the case may be, articles of incorporation or management regulations, detailed prospectus, simplified prospectus or key investor information document, latest available annual and semi-annual reports, as applicable.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns, as it demonstrates performance achieved in particular market conditions which may not repeat themselves in the future. In particular, MFP SICAV p.l.c. draws you attention to the risk warnings contained in the detailed prospectus of each fund, as well as in their simplified prospectus or key investor information document. MFP SICAV p.l.c. also draws your attention to the fact that these risk warnings only describe some of the risks that are inherent to the purchase of any of the funds or sub-funds described on the Website. Those risks, as described in the relevant documentation, cannot be considered as complete, accurate, or relevant in any circumstances and conditions. In particular, you should seek advice from your financial consultants, tax and/or legal experts, or any other party that you deem adequate and/or relevant given your particular education, financial experience, or personal condition, before deciding on any purchase in any fund or sub-fund described on the Website.

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